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Aaaaand here is a new one, fresh out of the oven :)


1. Leslie da Bass - Pisar
2. Labrinth ft Tinie Tempah - Earthquake
3. Justice - Parade
4. Kanye West - Gold Digger (High Contrast remix)
5. Def Räädu - Kuningas ei eksi
6. Sub Jams ft Cozi - Ricochet (Radio edit)
7. Chase & Status - End Credits
8. Toe Tag - Keera kõvemaks
9. Starz ft Veela - Second Nature
10. High Contrast ft Liane Carroll - All There Is
11. Toe Tag - Geenimutatsioon ja mõnuained
12. Colombo - Everybody
13. Groove Armada - I Won’t Kneel

6:44 pm, by moosi,

I was supposed to make a mixtape when my blog reaches 200 posts which has been taking forever. Only 9 to go. Anyway, could not wait anymore :)


1. Robyn - In My Eyes
2. Magnetic Man - I Need Air (Digital Soundboy remix)
3. Freestylers - This City (Kouncil House remix)
4. DJ Fresh - Talkbox
5. Azealia Banks - 212 
6. Avicii - Levels in Reverse (George Monev edit)
7. Zeds Dead - Coffee Break
8. Rustie - After Light
9. Siriusmo - Urlaub In Berlin
10. Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (BaBaBa)
11. Chase & Status - Eastern Jam
12. Ed Solo & Deekline - Ragga Tip (Walk and Skank)
13. Party Harders & The Subs - The Pope of Dope
14. Major Lazer - Original Don (Flosstredamus remix)

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3:49 pm, by moosi,


don’t stop (thefatrat remix) by foster the people. instafav! but then again which tune from these boys isn’t an instafav ?

6:42 pm, by moosi,


after light by rustie. one of the mind blowing tunes from last year. no more words needed !

6:39 pm, by moosi,


crush on you (sound remedy remix) by nero. the original tune is very good but i seem to enjoy this remix here more. do enjoy :)

6:35 pm, by moosi,


wolf & i by oh land. finally back2blogging ! last year got super crazy and all the awesome tunes lost with that. but worry no more, i present the first tune of the year - one of the best tunes from last year.

6:31 pm, by moosi,


let me go (shy fx & benny page remix) by maverick sabre. finally some decent fresh sounds here ! a brilliant tune and even more brilliant remix. instafav of mine, do enjoy :)

5:42 pm, by moosi,


helix by justice. why yes this is indeed a nice tune to start the weekend with. some fresh awesome sounds from justice. do enjoy :)

12:33 pm, by moosi,


propane nightmares by pendulum. nothing new of course but is that awesome or is that just awesome ?! i vote for … awesome ! :D

3:59 pm, by moosi,

12:17 pm, by moosi,


close by drumsound & bassline smith. epic, pure epic. do enjoy :)

5:47 pm, by moosi,


party rock anthem (feat. lauren bennett & goonrock) by lmfao. finally this shiz is up here as well. epic tune. the vid is also awsum, do check it out here :)

1:12 pm, by moosi,


let the story begin by sub focus. the weekend is near and it is only proper to get this it’s-almost-the-weekend-day going with a bang. old but timeless, one of my favourite tunes of all times. do enjoy :)

10:46 am, by moosi,


stay awake by example. yet another great tune to start the week with :)

3:49 pm, by moosi,


follow you (feat. ayah marar) by yogi. as the vacation is over it is time to blog again. here’s one amazeballs tune that fits right into the summer. do enjoy ! :)

11:32 am, by moosi,